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about us

Welcome to Debatetrack.

My name is Joel, and I made Debatetrack after coaching debate for 5 years with the goal to share the lectures, training and materials I was making for my students.  

This is the best collection of Public Forum learning and teaching material available on the internet, including free lectures and cost-friendly briefs ($10/month!). 

We've recently rolled out our PF Essentials course, a complete and detailed guide to Public Forum fundamentals. It's perfect for classes and great for strengthening your PF game.


p.s. if there's anything I can do to help,

contact me personally at 



I am a new debater and I am still trying to find my way. Thank you so much for the great information!

Brian Liu - Youtube

this was so useful, thanks for the vids! ... you're a big help to the debate community

G Speidel - coach

I'm a new public forum coach and these are very helpful for introducing the topic to my students.

Georgia Ebbert - Youtube

You celestial. You are ethereal. You have done it again king.

Lindsey Warden - teacher

I am assigning your videos to all of my students.

Nat F - Youtube

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