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debate: the ultimate humanities skill

critical thinking - speech writing - public speaking - academic research

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Concentrated Humanities

Debate combines and improves the skills most cross-applicable throughout one's life: reading, writing, research, and public speaking.

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Future Proof

Technology is increasingly supplanting many of the skills we've traditionally learned in school, and all but the very best schools are increasingly obsolete. Debate hones the basic skills that are needed both now and deep into the future.

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Studies show positive outcomes for students, including better grades [A], increased standardized test scores [B,C], increased chance of getting into a good school [B], and greater social and school engagement [D].


Public Forum

Public Forum debate (PF) is the foundation of American debate styles, emphasizing accessibility, relevancy, and a large breadth of topics.  


In this dynamic format, two-person teams engage in spirited discussions on pressing US policy topics, such as climate change, immigration reform, and healthcare accessibility, guided by crafting a brighter future for the nation.

The spirit of teamwork and rigorous intellectual athleticism inspire critical thinking, collaboration, and optimism, paving the way for a more informed and enlightened society.

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