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Debate Language & Hot Words 🔥🔥🔥

As your debate career progresses you’ll inevitably start to sound like a broken record as neuronal pathways around key phrases and terms are cemented into your brain. You’ll get stiff and boring. Here’s some suggestions for how to break out of these verbal molds, or how to begin training a bigger variety of phrases if you’re new at debate.

ie: here’s some ways to rephrase your debate language.

1. "I disagree…"

Here’s some ways to rephrase your rebuttals if they’re getting a bit stale.

  • My opponents are severely misguided...

  • The evidence demonstrates this is false:

  • Our evidence disproves this claim:

2. “The voting issues are…"

For collapse, we need to address the key points to the judge. But don’t bore them.

  • Your ballot rests on a single issue...

  • There’s 3 questions you must ask...

  • This debate comes down to two values...

3. “We outweigh on magnitude."

Embedded weighing throughout the round outweighs a single weighing section in the final speech.

  • Think to yourself: is anything in the round more important than this?

  • This impact will last forever— don’t let it happen.

  • This argument is much more important than the tiny chance of ______.

4. "Vote for us!"

Ballot-directed language is important— here’s some ways to sprinkle them throughout the round.

  • A vote for Pro is a vote for freedom.

  • The ballot has power— use your vote to support workers rights.

  • If you agree that gender equality is important, you must vote Con.

5. “We proudly affirm."

End with ’thank you’ if you have nothing else. But maybe you've got something else.

  • Judge, if you agree with our analysis there’s only one way to vote.

  • As you consider your decision, remember the words of John Lennon:

  • For these reasons, the IMF clearly and indisputably causes more harm than good.

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